© 2019 by Karli and Emily Buckley


Coast to Cost Travelin'

3,000 miles

5 days

4 cities


We're going going back back to Cali Cali.. (Biggie voice)

With 8 days notice, Karli and I packed up our entire lives, broke our ridiculously expensive NY apartment lease, attached a uhaul to our Jeep and drove across the country to start the next chapter of our lives in California.

DAY ONE: NYC to Cleveland, OH

The first leg of our trip, was filled with traffic and incredibly slow driving. We rented a uhaul that's towing speed limit was 55mph. As a person who prides themselves in always following the rules, I took the 55mph to heart and it took us way too long to get to Cleveland. Lesson learned: drive faster for the next few days of the trip or we will never get to CA. When we got to Cleveland it was night time and we made our way over to our first host The Glidden House which is a beautiful historic hotel built in 1910. We loved our stay at The Glidden House, it was super fancy, very comfortable and the homemade breakfast the next morning was delicious. If you happen to be the the Cleveland area- we would highly recommend staying here!

DAY TWO: Cleveland to Omaha, NE

On the second day, I tested out how fast we could safely drive with the uhaul attached and figured out it was around 70 mph. I was glad I picked up our speed because we had a 15 hour day of driving from Cleveland to Omaha. Initially we were going to stop in Des Moines, which would have made the trip about 2 hours shorter, but it was about 8pm when we were in that general area and decided to rally and keep driving. Karli set up the back of the Jeep like a bed and snoozed back there while I listened to podcasts and drove into the heart of the country. Harvard Business Review recently started a new podcast called Women at Work that highlights successful women in business, how they got where they are, and their experiences in the workplace. The drive to Nebraska was eye opening for a city slicker like myself, I've never seen so much space and can't imagine how people live in such remote places. We got into Omaha super late and slept for only a few hours before heading out to the next destination.

DAY THREE: Omaha to Salt Lake City.. I mean- Denver, CO

Day Three threw a hoop at us to jump through. After about an hour on the road on our way towards Salt Lake City, we received a call from our PR contact at the hotel we were supposed to stay at in Lake Tahoe (that was supposed to be our fourth night stop) informing us that there was a massive snow storm coming their way. I'm fairly confident the Jeep could handle the snow through the mountains but we were nervous about the uhaul. After discussing our options, we decided to call an audible and change routes. Instead of going to SLC, we decided to head south and avoid the snow. Next stop: DENVER.

We were fortunate enough to land a last minute collaboration with The Crawford at Denver Union Station! The Crawford was a MUCH needed luxury stay. After so many hours in the car and only a little sleep, we were so happy to be in a beautiful hotel in such a cool city. We fell in love with Denver, the atmosphere, the people, and Denver Union Station. The station itself is a renovated train station that doubles as a hotel in its upper levels. The ground level is a luxury waiting area with several eateries, bars, and storefronts. It's got an old time-y feel but is completely modern and amazingly clean. The Crawford staff was super friendly, our room was AMAZING and we even got a complementary ride to and from dinner/downtown in a Tesla!

DAY FOUR: Denver to Las Vegas, NV

We enjoyed our stay at The Crawford so much, we took our time leaving in the morning. We slept in, ate breakfast at Snooze and then hit the road. We had another 15 hour day ahead of us BUT this time instead of the open flat landscape that we saw across middle America, this drive was filled with so many mountains we were in awe at the size of them. We drove through several cities that have grown famous by their incredible ski resorts in Colorado, we saw parts of Utah that looked like Mars, and we passed signs for cities (I wouldn't even call them that) with populations of 30! As a Brooklyn girl, this was so bizarre to me and the eeriness of the lack of civilization scared me a bit to be honest. We drove through so many different types of landscapes it was amazing that all of them could exist so close to one another. Snowy mountains, next to deserts, next to national parks. It was an incredible part of the country and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to lay our eyes on such wildly visually pleasing scenery.

DAY FIVE: Vegas to San Jose, CA

The final stretch was an 8 hour trip from Vegas, into California, and then up route 5 to the Bay Area. We were so excited to get to San Jose after such a long week, and we were ready to get out of the car!

When we finally got to San Jose, we still didn't have a place to live yet so we checked out a few apartments and one place told us we could move in the next day! We spent one last night in a hotel and then finally moved into our new apartment in Santa Clara, CA.

We're so thankful to have had the opportunity to take a trip driving across the country, a right of passage many people only ever talk about undertaking. We're excited to start the next chapter of our lives in California and share all of our adventures!