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Euro Fashion or Urban Country?

I like to think of the way I dress as “on the line”. Definitely not femme, but not “butch” either. Somewhere in the fashion world of androgynous. Most of the clothing I wear is found in either the women’s section (but I buy one size bigger than what would actually fit, or I shop in the little boys section. The little boys section has the best clothes BUT a lot of the shirts are very square shaped so if I do get a shirt from there, I’ll bring it to my tailor to get taken in so it’s more fitted.

I like to go for a blend of European men’s fashion for formalwear, and something I call “urban country” for casual wear.

This post is going to be about formal wear. Whenever I post a picture of Karli and I going to some formal event, I always get tons of questions about where I bought my suit. Buying a suit that is a men’s style but fits a woman while maintaining the integrity of the intended look is extremely difficult and can be very pricey if you get one custom made for you. For your own wedding, it might be worth splurging on the custom suit. But for much smaller events- there’s no need to break your wallet.

Below is an outfit I wore to a banquet:

Shoes: Babe Oxford by Wanted- $49 http://www.wantedshoes.com/shop/Search=oxford/babe/Black-Natural/ Pants: Pixie pants by Old Navy- $25 http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?pcid=5151&vid=1&pid=977332302 Shirt: Gingham Poplin Shirt by Ralph Lauren- $33 https://www.ralphlauren.com/boys-clothing-button-down-shirts/gingham-cotton-poplin-shirt/400770.html?webcat=search ** I brought the shirt to my tailor to get fitted because it was way too wide Blazer: Regent Blazer by J. Crew- $198 https://www.jcrew.com/p/womens_category/blazers/wool/regent-blazer/B0323?color_name=navy

** I get my blazers tailored so that the sleeve is a half inch above the sleeve of my shirt

Pocket Square: White Linen with Rolled Boarder by The Tie Bar- $10 https://www.thetiebar.com/product/PL319

Stay Classy,

- Emily

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