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Five Simple Ways To Make Packing A BREEZE

I'll keep it simple - we all need help when it comes to packing - how much to pack, what to pack, how to pack.. So, I compiled the five most valuable tips i've ever heard / read into one post. Follow along and let me know how it help ya out.. er not.

Perfect Planning

If you're anything like me, you probably wait until the day before/morning of to pack. But if I learned anything from Emily in our early days, it's to plan in advance. You'll thank yourself later! Some questions you can ask yourself when packing are: What's the weather like (obvious)? Do you have any planned activities and what is the ideal attire for them? What are essential items and what are want's (definitely establish wants vs. needs!!!)?

It's better to "go without" and if necessary, buy the items at your destination. LESS IS MORE. The more room you leave in your bag, the more room you'll have to bring home sweet souvenirs ;).

Carry-On Vs. Suitcase

My first time visiting Emily in NYC, I packed enough clothes to last me at least a month--without doing laundry. The kicker? I was only staying for four days! Guess I was taking the U-Haul a little too serious... After a few times of toting around a 30+lb suitcase, I finally made a "rule" for myself. If my trip is anywhere from 3-10 days - it is possible to pack all essential items (and a few wants) in a carry-on. If you're traveling to tropical destinations, this is significantly easier to do. If you're traveling to a winter wonderland, it's fair to reconsider packing everything into a suitcase. In the end not having to deal with baggage claim is always a plus. If there's a will, there's a way! Not checking a bag also reduces the anxiety of wondering if your luggage has been lost or left behind!

Rolling Vs. Folding

It is true that rolling your clothes will save you on the space, however, be aware that when you unroll them, they will most likely be wrinkly and slightly stretched out. My suggestion is to do both! Roll the things that you don't mind getting a little wrinkly and fold what you prefer to keep a little more pressed!

Heavier Clothes At The Bottom

I find little to be more annoying and time consuming than searching all throughout my bags for a little crop top, yet the only things that I find are jackets, sweaters, jeans and other miscellaneous items--SO pack all of that at the bottom of your bag. It will keep you from having to constantly shift all of your things around. I also try to keep all like items together if possible (shirts stay with the shirts, jeans with jeans ect.).

Pack Underwear Last

Last but, most importantly, not least- your underwear! Pack them away in the small crevices. They're lightweight, easy to stuff in weird places and it saves space!

Try these 5 packing hacks and see if it makes your travel life easier! As always, let us know if you have any better or new ideas.

Happy Travels!

- Karli