© 2019 by Karli and Emily Buckley


Showing Pride Doesn't Always Mean Rainbows and "I heart pu$$y" Shirts

Pride season has graced us yet again for another year, which means lesbians making out on every corner, gay men flaunting their goods, Queens lining the streets lip synching to the trendiest hits, and RAINBOWS. RAINBOWS everywhere. Now that I think of it, there should be some sort of subscription box that you sign up for and around pride month you get a "PRIDE Care Package" packed full of wrist bands that let you skip bar covers, an "I heart pussy" t-shirt (bc you have to let the world know you're a bonafide Lez), booze, and a big freaking pride flag that can double as a cape? Whoever makes this happen -- remember me!

But what if crowds make you feel exhausted, the cheerful chants make your head pound, and ripping shots mid-day can no longer masks your uncomfortableness?

As a full blown introvert, that is my reality. The thought of enduring another pride parade this year makes me want to recluse into my apartment for days.

But does that mean because I choose not to celebrate my sexuality by flying the rainbow flag high, or marching down the streets with my fists held high make me less prideful, or are not as involved in progress within the LGBTQ+ community? No way. It makes me different, and that's the beauty of the LGBTQ+ community. We are all free to be different, no matter what that looks like.

All inclusive doesn't leave room for conditions

I receive countless questions as to why I do not post an abundance super prideful pictures (wearing rainbow apparel, pictures with the flag etc.), or promote pride (insert eye roll). It's simple. That's just not how I choose to celebrate my sexuality. Instead, I hold my head high and I walk hand in hand with my wife where ever we go. I make countless posts confessing my love for her that it's probably annoying to most, I respond to every DM I get asking for advice about coming out, I only represent brands that are LGBTQ+ friendly, I work for an amazing Non-Profit organization, The OUT Foundation that is dedicated to providing the LGBTQ+ community with the tools to thrive thru health and wellness, plus so SO many more ways.

I stay genuine to my beliefs, and I do believe that is reflected throughout my social media. I don't post a lot of pictures with groups of people because I prefer to stay home and spend either personal time or time with Emily (caution: extreme introvert). I don't make long inspirational posts, because I lack inspiration a lot of times, and i'm not going to have some super cool like San Francisco Pride Parade picture, because i'm probably not going (Instead, Emily and I will be at OUTWOD's San Francisco Pride event). After that, we'll probably head to some rad place to explore, and i'll spend some time reflecting on how I can serve as a vessel to make this world a more inclusive, safe, and loving place.


- Karli