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WE'RE MOVING across the country... again!

Yep - that's right. We're moving all the way back to New York City in less than 2 weeks.

* Transparency moment *

If you follow me (Karli) on Instagram - you probably noticed a few weeks ago I made a post about going through a rough time and about upcoming changes, but what I left out is what exactly happened.

So, here's the scoop -

When we made the move from NYC to California, I had just started working remotely for a company based in D.C.. It was a super awesome opportunity, and it allowed me to work remotely for the past 7 months - amazing right? It was! Up until my last few days there. Unfortunately, the company had some funding issues that ultimately led to the lay off of my position.

As frustrating as the situations was, I am a firm believer in "Fortune favors the bold," so I immediately started applying for positions - and this time, I started shooting big. My first week of unemployment was CRAZY. I literally had 10 phone interviews in one day, and 10 the next. I was on most calls and had no idea which position / company it was even for. Applying and interviewing for jobs IS a full time job in itself, let me tell ya.

After a few days, I stated getting offers. But ya know how I said I was shooting big? I turned them all down. I turned them down each for different reasons, but one common theme being that I know what I am worth - and I knew that I would be disappointed in myself if I settled for a job just because I was unemployed. So, I was patient. I kept interviewing and taking assessments (ya seriously, and it was weird). I had a few in mind that I really wanted, and I was obsessed with checking my email for any updates. So annoying.

Finally, after a few weeks of waiting and of interviewing, I accepted a badass offer. The kicker? The job in Manhattan.

Emily and I spent a good amount of time going back and forth with what we were going to do, what's best for us and our relationship, and what is best for our careers. Ultimately, we decided that it's in our best interest that we move back to New York City so that I can pursue my career, and it doesn't hurt being back with family .... and not in such a lame area. The bay area sucks, don't @ me 🙆🏼

So ready or not, we're moving!

Be sure to check back and find out how we're getting back ... it's going to be an interesting ride!

Catch ya on the other side!